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A first buyers guide for Island real- estate portofolio and other Exit Strategies.

Urban Agronomist,

Green strategies within the Urban Future Cities.

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S E X after T h i s


the absence of ' IT '

from Gaming  platforms.

image credit: Habaka Kudosawi

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Introducing :


First Blood


'Digital Phermones' Edition 0101: BioData Bank


O1:01 RELEASE DATE 10th December 2014

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Future Publication Blasts:

We are long past the Year 2020.

From our stand-point view, we have : t w e n t y {20} t w e n t y  {20} vision.


20: 20 ,

is a  series of FutureFacinng explorations, blasts and boradcasts  from the <World Fast Forward>  


These are indicative schematas of possibly important future developments, offering us a foresight platform

to engage with the T R A N S M I S S I O N  and T R A N S I T I O N  of  Ideas borowed from the future and into our everyday realities yet to be.


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