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@ So Far the Future gallery,   London Architecture Festival                                                            2012

/LivingSpace/ by C A D A [ Curating Architecture Design Art ]

An exhibition exploring biomimicry and bio-inspiration in architecture, through materials and installations that grow, decompose, sense and respond to their surroundings.


Living Space is an exhibition showcasing materials and installations that grow, decompose, sense and

respond to their surroundings.

Through the examination of biomimicry and bio-inspiration in architecture this project celebrates the work of contemporary architects and designers, and the methodology and materials used to explore their ideas.

Curated by CADA in partnership with So Far, The Future gallery, Living Space includes materials, processes and projects that reflect upon the future of architecture, and its relationship to the environment.


LumenBios, is a project that investigates primarily fungal growth, and its bioluminescent properties, through time and space.

Initially, what has started as an industry project, has ‘shroomed’ to replace the sterile and standardised production of a table top, into the messy fascination of what and how does the materiality change though variable seasonal conditions.

The decaying of wood through the active growth and spread of bioluminescent mycelium, is the real craftsman, the protagonist, working its ways through the shredded wood, carving, layering, decomposing and re-synthesising, whilst we were the observers and care takers [supplying it with appropriate conditions] of its slow and calculated growth.

Through this, we allow ourselves to start imagining its position and proximity in our todays urban context, whether being carbon dioxide ‘balancers’, waste field converters, light modulator systems or more sustainable, self-healing building materials.

We have produced what we consider a time-based, material exploration, where we celebrate its true maker, exposing in bare view the protagonist, only to reveal its true beauty when total darkness falls…

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