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An ON-GOING  digital Taxonomy  relating to emerging&past NAT*U*RES, NAT*U*RAL SPECIMENS & their SYSTEMS.


Through the medium of fragment illustrations, film, photographs, literature, taxidermy, model making, field notes, and

partial fictional and scientific narratives, we chart their existance and our curious relationship  with them.


Every now and then; we stumble upon un-defined & curious specimens.

Our relationship with nature is shifting rapidly- New natures+systems emerge- challenging our perceptions of what natural actually is. {Does it even still exist?- or are we just being Romantic about it?}


In times of technologically mediated natures its only natural to create new charts for new specimens and frameworks by which to understand and navigate through them.

Hive_Ultravioletus EXtractor


front cover

A project for a short film exploring the activity of bio robotic swarms harvesting and intercepting electomagnetic fields, jamming radio frequencies and exchanging Co2 for Oxygen within the city.

Silk Weever.

[ Drawn from the project 'Specimen of Un-natural History' of Tomorrows Thoughts Today ]


The third installment of an ongoing project.  

Chapter 3: the Silk Factory.

In the preface to his 1957 bestiary ‘The Book of Imaginary Beings’ Jorge Luis Borges describes a child’s first visit to the zoo. With wonder and joy the child marvels at the strangeness and mysteries of the unfamiliar creatures that they have never before seen.


This encounter with a zoo of the real sits within the catalogue of a zoo of mythology, inhabited by ‘necessary monsters’ which are imbued with the dreams and fears of those who conjured them.

We are beginning to encounter a new form of nature that seems born of the scientists of myth and allegory.

The augmented body, genetic modification and neo biological invention is now confronting us with theutterly novel reality of engineered ‘monsters’. This project engages with this call to redefine the very nature of nature by exploring the potential of monstrous myths and fictions as critical tools


A contemporary recasting of the bestiaries of the past as a zoological voyeur it explores the savannas of body modification, anime, taxidermy and biotechnology to gaze out across the near future population of this augmented wilderness.


A short- stroy of an Arctic polar bear,  and a Monarch penguin, two  travellers, as they look-on for a hitch hike across the Arctic Circle.


Under Tomorrows Sky:

Specimen taxonimy in a future city,

Nelly and pako pako copy nelly

An on -site taxonomy and drawing workshop carried out @ Mu gallery. DutchDesignWeek 2013